Only One Is Required to Lead - Proverbs for Modern Time 

ISBN: 978-9768226099
This inspirational book is a beautiful compilation of scriptural texts taken from the book of Proverbs, together with unique quotations from the author. All of which, are based upon wisdom in relating to people and oneself while leading a life of godliness.

Life can certainly be a test; most times before any accomplishments are made a stumbling block will appear that stops us right where we are. It can be difficult to confide in someone or maybe there is no one we can talk to.

Only One is Required to Lead - Proverbs for Modern Time is not an ordinary book of quotes. The entire book concentrates on living life at its best, touching on forgiveness, love, marriage, work and any area that affects human well-being.

Only One is Required to Lead was written with the intention of enhancing the leadership qualities in all of us. We do not have to be famous to make an impact upon the world. Being able to appreciate the beauty in ourselves, can change how we view everyone and everything for our own personal development.

Proverbs for Modern Time touches on godliness for without that divinity factor, most of us will not know what our options are, and sinking into sadness and depression will be easy. This can severely impact upon the mind, making it difficult for us to choose what is right, when making decisions.

Overall this book is not based upon any particular religion, but mostly devoted to inspiring everyone to view life as a process that leads to great achievements.

The Psalms: Letters to God (KJV) 

ISBN: 978-0557236435
The entire book of Psalms, King James Version, has been formatted to highlight certain issues ranging from righteousness to prayer. The Psalms is a beautiful book of encouragement, and the aim was to reveal that these biblical texts are worth being read. The Psalms is more than a prayer book, it is renewed hope.

Children can Pray too 

ISBN: 978-9769529205
Continual development of society grows within our children. Children that are taught to appreciate and respect God from an early age, in adulthood, treasure not only themselves but life in general. They will never forget even during difficulty, the unconditional love of God to see them through anything. ‘Children can Pray too’ for ages 3 and up, is a full colour book that contains twenty two short prayers, as well as bible promises and a message to honour parents. Each prayer has a different focus that range from emotional struggles, gratitude for life and dealing with each day. With this prayer book, children will learn easily to communicate with God.